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Sciarra Pore Device

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1. The suction power is more than the traditional black dot suction machine.

2. Four levels, suitable for various parts of the skin

3. Four suction heads, suitable for various functions and skin

4. The lamp on the head of the machine, it is easy for you to see your skin

5. With a mineral microcrystalline probe, removes horny and dead skin

6. Vacuum absorption system to improve blood circulation of the skin and skin lifting

7. Rechargeable with usb cable, you can charge in power bank, PC or use the adapter to charge your mobile phone

Product Advantages:

1. Strong suction, suction power more than a traditional black dot suction machine.

2. The machine turns off 5 minutes after fully charged and enters auto sleep mode.

3. Automatic protection when starting a short circuit.


1. Removes black dots, deeply cleanses the face

2. For the treatment of acne, acne

3. Dry skin treatment

4. Treatment of saggy skin and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation

5. Treatment of spots and dull skin, reduction of skin hyperpigmentation

Package Contents:

A device that gives you beauty and attractiveness x 1

Microcrystalline Probe x 1

Oval probe x 1

Small circular probe x 1

Large size circular shape probe x 1

Small Pointed Probe x 1

Sponge x5

Silica gel ring x 2

USB charging wire x 1

Management Guide x 1